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first day of filming…..

Posted: March 15, 2012 in News

so we just actually finished the first weekend of filming, one more weekend and it’s time to edit down an awesome Jessa Kill ep. i cant tell you how fucking jazzed i am for this episode to come out! not only does it bring some sweet brutality, but it’s kinda the mark of things getting back on track. We have plenty of Jessa Kill episodes written out, and we did some filming this past weekend for upcoming episodes as well, so things should be rolling out a little more “on time” ha. but seriously folks, this episode is well worth the wait…. well, we think so. and hey, every show has to take a break to get its shit together, and now, while “the walking dead” takes theirs, you’ll have plenty of Jessa Kill to feast your hungry eyes upon. and be sure to go “like” our facebook page for even more up to date info on what Jessa has been up to!